Why get involved

Transition Year – time to get thinking

Transition Year is a time to get creative! With your Junior Certificate behind you, you are now over halfway through your secondary school journey.

Project work forms a central part of the TY curriculum for many schools because projects help you to learn in a critical way. By getting involved in Go Places, you will not only develop self-directed learning skills that will stand to you in the Leaving Certificate cycle, but you will also document precious school memories for times to come.

There are also some great prizes up for grabs! You can read more about them here.

Public transport – Keeps everyone moving

We all use public bus transport at some point in our lives and the importance of public transport is growing globally, as well as in Ireland. It literally keeps huge numbers of people moving on a daily basis.

Bus Éireann is the leading provider of public transport in regional cities and across rural Ireland. Our motto is ‘at the heart of the community’ and something we take very seriously.

We have been providing school transport services for hundreds of thousands of children across Ireland for over 50 years. And at this important juncture on our journey, we want to hear about yours.

Get involved!

Share your journey to school with us!

  • Where do you go?
  • How do you spend that time?
  • Who do you travel with?
  • Who are the people and what are the places in your community that you pass by every day, and what are their stories?
  • How could the journey be better, or safer perhaps?
  • What would you do to make it more enjoyable or efficient?

These are just some questions to get you thinking. We really want to hear about YOUR journey. So what are you waiting for? Think outside the box and get your mind in motion on your journey to school!